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Business and customer goals

Many businesses find their goals at odds with those of their customers. While at the helm, my teams help analyze these situations and find a mutually beneficial solution that works for both parties. My customer success and customer experience teams collect valuable insights from customers about what they value throughout the business relationship, including support, and post-sale engagements. Based on this data, my organizations are able to better align internal objectives and those of the customer, including investing in key areas and streamlining processes to achieve overall customer success.


a Customer Success Strategy

As a leader, my organizations leverage a well-crafted strategy to help businesses achieve similar results through higher retention rates and greater revenue growth. My teams lead through successful customer success strategy includes the integration of technology, alignment of sales and marketing initiatives that impact the post sale experience, collection and analysis of data, process formulation, and both customer and internal team member education and training. These customer success strategy will also aid in shaping company strategy, ensuring alignment with targeted customer success and experience goals at all levels of the organization.


Organization-wide Customer-centricity

My teams educate and build awareness across departments about the importance of customer feedback and the impacts of decisions to the customer as the internal customer advocates. This visibility helps incorporate a customer-centric approach into every stage of the customer journey. 

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