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Eddie christian

My Mission

is synonymous with being a utility player in sports: multi-faceted and dynamic, all while molding experiences from different disciplines to give the best possible guidance in the areas of customer success, customer experience, and organizational development. 

"I do this because of my passion to help others get better!

- EC3

Who is EC3?

Eddie Christian is a talented and seasoned strategic leader with close to two decades of experience in leadership, driving customer outcomes all while mentoring talent in Customer Success and Customer Experience. He brings a wealth of expertise to increase customer satisfaction with a focus on increasing retention and developing processes, procedures, and workflows to optimize the customer experience while decreasing user churn.


With an abundance of experience in building teams, Eddie has a unique skill and understanding of how to mentor team members with a focus on career growth.


Eddie leads teams that consist of Enterprise Account Managers, B2B and B2C Customer Success Managers, Customer Satisfaction Leaders, Retention Specialists, Training (customer facing and internal), Tech Support, Social Media Community Management (Listening Post for VoC), Relationship Surveys, and has managed the deployment and ongoing processes for numerous 3rd party product integrations. 


Eddie was also responsible for several Customer Success rebuilding initiatives where the organization saw lifts in core areas including product adoption, onboarding effectiveness, Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSat) and retention.


Eddie currently serves as a Global VP of Customer Experience and has held roles including VP of Client Success & Strategy. In his free time, Eddie is also Executive Director of Show California Baseball and has worked with the region’s top high school, collegiate and professional hitters.


Eddie Christian is an alumnus of Long Beach State University where he played baseball for 3 years before a 9-year professional career with the Miami Marlins, Anaheim Angels and the Seattle Mariners.  Eddie also holds professional designations in Sales (CSE) and Customer Experience (CCXP).

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I've combined over 15 years of customer success and customer experience leadership

with over 2 decades of professional sports knowledge to provide a unique view on leading small and large organizations on driving customer outcomes that result in improved customer lifetime value.

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